Straatsburg, aprilsessie Raad van Europa: mijn tussenkomst over de blootgelegde wantoestanden

Door Daphné Dumery op 24 april 2018, over deze onderwerpen: Parlementair werk, Raad van Europa


Straatsburg, Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session 2018, april 24 


"Dear colleagues of the Committee on Rules of Procedures, Immunities and Institutional affairs,

This report (of the Independent Investigation Body on the allegations of corruption within the Parliamentary Assembly) gives me mixed feelings.

On the one hand, we all knew … and we now can say, finally it’s in the open and it has to stop now.

On the other hand, we are ashamed of what other colleagues of us have done and most of all the Belgian delegation is embarrassed by the members who are involved.

However, no current member of the Belgian delegation in the assembly is mentioned in the report.

Nevertheless this report should be sent to al national parliaments to take measures, and all other similar democratic bodies, as the regional parliaments are in some cases.

Important is that we should not hide but discus it in the open. Only by doing so we can again gain the trust of the people who are looking at us to for the protection of their human rights.

Also important is that we do not focus ourselves on the political groups. As the individuals concerned are from different groups, we as parliamentarians should also discuss this matter as such. We should take measurers at the individual level.

Should we change the rules? Are they not clear? I think that they are clear … but they must be applied.

What does have to change for us to see the signals in the future. We knew who was lobbying, the secretariat had the suspicion that something was wrong, … but what to do about it?  That is what is missing, an independent watchdog at the assembly or the council that can examine a suspicion of corruption. The current code of conduct refers in that matter only to the President of the Assembly.

For the still active members who are mentioned in the report, they should be excluded from the assembly.

And if possible, all the reports which are mentioned to be influenced in a false way should be referred back to their committee to be examined if they should be tabled again.

Should we exclude parliamentarians from debates concerning their own country? This report shows us that it would have the perverse effect that it will enhance lobby work to other parliamentarians of other countries.

A lot of work has to be done, but it should be done now. A plan of action is hereby needed and the way this committee should follow."


Wie interesse heeft in het volledige rapport ‘of the Independent Investigation Body on the allegations of corruption within the Parliamentary Assembly’ kan dit hier raadplegen.



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