In Noord-Afrika extra-territoriale asielaanvragen behandelen zal levens redden

Door Daphné Dumery op 28 juni 2018, over deze onderwerpen: Parlementair werk, Raad van Europa


Commissie Migratie – Parlementaire Assemblee van de Raad van Europa, Straatsburg, juni 2018

Op de agenda vandaag stond een joint debate naar aanleiding van twee nieuwe rapporten m.b.t de Europese politiek rond asielaanvragen, namelijk ‘Extra-territorial processing of asylum claims and the creation of safe refugee shelters abroad’ en ‘Human rights impact of the “external dimension” of European Union asylum and migration policy: out of sight, out of rights?’

Hieronder kunt u mijn tussenkomst in het debat terugvinden:

Dear colleagues,
Dear rapporteurs,

This debate brings us to the Council of Europe’s core business: the human rights, and particularly the rights of migrants and refugees stranded at the borders of the European Union.

Every day, many refugees and migrants risk their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean sea. Those who succeed, will receive an entry ticket to European prosperity. That is why the ‘suction effect’ remains. The extra-territorial processing of asylum claims abroad should therefore be of great importance to this assembly. It will save lives and it will give the applicants a clear view of their chances of getting access to the European Union.

Newly published UNHCR statistics (released on June 19, 2018) find that almost 70 million people are on the run worldwide. If only a fraction of these people make it to the North African sea border in an attempt to reach Europe, the asylum crisis will quickly return to us with great intensity.

The Turkey-Greece migration flow has been largely halted by the EU-Turkey deal. Two years later, the deal still stands. It is an important precedent to learn lessons from. A similar and improved model can be applied if adjustments are made for all boat migration via the Mediterranean Sea. The report that is debated here today, points out what these adjustments may entail.

We do not want to leave people to their fate, but we want to make it very clear that there are other solutions than merely providing shelter and accommodation within the EU. Therefore, asylum application procedures and reception should be set up outside the EU and an effective EU resettlement scheme should be established.

Illegal border crossing cannot be allowed as a way of gaining access to the European continent. This must be made clear in both communication and policy. It is the best solution to end migrant smuggling and human trafficking networks.


Wie interesse heeft in de volledige rapporten kan deze hier raadplegen. 

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